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Dramione remix fic!

Yay, my dramione_remix entry has just been posted. You can read it here, it's based on Napoleon and Josephine's story and rated PG-13. Enjoy :)

Here Without You - chapter 16

Because I really should have promoted this on my LJ first...

Title: Here Without You
Author: hathorx
Rating: M
Summary: Sequel to The Dragon, the Lion and the Serpent.
Three years after Voldemort was defeated, Draco and Hermione meet again.  This is a dark fic, pairing Draco/Hermione, Harry/OC.

Chapter 16:
If looks could kill, the bastard would be long gone – probably tortured, killed and then fed to werewolves. However, Amelia Bones' secretary didn't notice the looks Draco kept throwing him, because he was too preoccupied with the brunette sitting next to him.

I've been away from fandom for a while, but I am back and I bring fic :) Hope you all enjoy it, but don't forget these two stories are dark fics and rated M so be warned!

Day 08: A photo that makes you angry/sad

Today's entry is going to be short as I'm dead tired...

Sorry if you find this image shocking, but illegal whale hunting is something that always makes me angry and sad. It's bad enough we're polluting the oceans and killing species because of all the junk we throw out there, but hunting whales as well is just wrong!!

If anyone's interested in learning more about the IWC ban on whaling and the countries which continue to hunt illegally, wiki does a great job summarising it all: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whaling

There are a lot of unfair things going on in our world, but I guess I feel particularly touched when it comes to the environment and nature.... What about you guys? What makes you particularly angry or sad?


Day 03: Your favourite TV programme

Another favourite...

Well, at least this time the list is considerably narrowed down as, although I do watch a lot of TV shows (yes, I know, I really did have a lot of time on my hands), I do have my favourites :)

Supernatural, for example, is definitely one of them and I know a lot of you watch it and love it to bits. But there's another show, which makes me squee even more, and thus is my favourite:

I don't think there's another show like it that's made me laugh, cry or simply screwed my mind as LOST has.... this show has some of the best tv episodes I've ever seen and has caused me to literally cry my eyes out several times! I know a lot of people have given up on it after season 3/4, but I remember watching the first 2 seasons in a row, becoming completely obsessed with it and sticking with it no matter what. Having to wait a whole week for a single episode of season 3 was pure torture and has continued to be over the years!

Season 6, the final one, started yesterday and I'm currently freaking out at my computer for not downloading it faster, lol! I just hope Lindelof and Cuse won't disappoint the fans with some way past due explanations about the island and that they will end the show with a bang :D

Oh, and that Kate finally makes up her mind about Jack and Sawyer - just pick one girl!


Day 02: Your favourite movie

I've seen a lot of movies.

And I mean A LOT of movies.

More than I can remember and more than for me to simply pick one as my favourite. I've seen a lot of movies that I've liked, but those that I count as my favourites aren't usually the Oscar-winning type movies or anything like that. They're simply movies which (have Johnny Depp in them!!) I love to watch over and over and over again. Some of my friends say that I have weird taste in movies, which is probably true since I like the most random movies most people have never heard of.

But anyway, if I had to pick one that most people have actually seen at least, I'd go with:

I just love this movie! Why? I really don't know... I guess cause it's fun. It makes me laugh, it's good and yet so terrible and I can watch it over and over again. None of my other friends like it so much. It's hard to pick just the one movie without saying LotR, PotC or even Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (love it!!) so I thought I'd be original :)

So... anyone else seen it?

And if you had to pick one movie as your favourite, what would it be?


Day 01: Your favourite song

Because what a great way to post more often on my LJ and also for my flist to find out a little more about me :D

Taken from madam_minnie, the month-long meme!

Day 01: Your favourite song

Well, my favourite songs tend to vary between all sorts of singers/bands (Lifehouse, Snow Patrol, Placebo, J-pop/rock, etc... even Disney or Glee!!) but I guess one song I've heard a lot in my life, that I always tend to put the volume up whenever it's on, and which I personally think of as the best music video ever made is Smooth Criminal :D

I couldn't find a short version, but here's a longer version in HD.

RIP, MJ. God, my brother and I regret not seeing you perform live. To us, you were such a legend!

Month-Long memeCollapse )


Happy Halloween!

Hope you guys all get your freak on tonight! :)

Personally, I dressed up last night for a halloween games' night with friends and managed to put together a last minute pirate costume, which turned out pretty good! I'll post some pictures next time :)

Tonight, however, I'm having a horror movie marathon with the same bunch of friends and so far we've picked the Descent and the Grudge!! Yes, I know, I am probably going to die of a heart attack before midnight, but since I've already seen both movies, hopefully I won't be so frightened the second time round.... *crosses fingers*

Otherwise I just watched this week's Supernatural epiosde and loved it! spoilersCollapse )

I've been thinking of taking part in NaNoWriMo this year and I've started planning in detail a non-fiction novel that's been running around in my head for ages now, but now that I check my weekly schedule for November, it might not be the best idea. I've started learning Japanese after unsuccessfully teaching myself. I've found free weekly lessons in Paris along with a private Japanese teacher who lives nearby and doesn't have extortionate hourly rates. It's great, I really love the language and am doing it to hopefully go visit Japan next April for my birthday :) So if anyone speaks/writes Japanese, I would love to hear from you!

Well, have a great Halloween night everybody wherever you are and if you're wearing an awesome costume this year, post some pics! Halloween isn't really celebrated over in France, but it's still a good excuse for a lot of people to get dressed up and have fun!  :D


Is it Sunday night already?

Damn, is the weekend over already?

Anyone else feel like the weekend has flown by and the list of 'things to do' sadly remains unchecked...?

Well it's not like I haven't done anything at all, but I still haven't got around to studying, writing or doing the 100 other things planned for the weekend. I just can't seem to stay focused on anything. Last week pretty much zapped all the energy out of my body and I spent two days walking around like a zombie....

Here are the things I did get done - catch up on tv shows! I watched the premiere of a whole bunch of new shows Friday night and out of all of them, the few that piqued my interest were The Vampire Diaries (still!), the Beautiful Life (but apparently that's cancelled already!), Flashforward, Cougar Town and Eastwick (recced by canadianturtle). Who else is watching these shows?

The medieval site dig was amazing btw! The anthropologist was a a**hole though, who obviously didn't want to be there and who blatantly didn't want to answer my questions either. I still got to learn loads from digging some human burials, which was great experience for me, although 4 days was far too short :(

*sigh* I need another vacation...

Lots to squee about!

Just a general post about all the things that make me squee! :D

- the Fall season is starting again soon! Supernatural season 5 starts in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait to see the first episode. For anyone who hasn't seen the new promo for S5 yet, check it out!

- dmhgficexchange is starting up again and sign ups start next week apparently. I wrote two fics for the sign-up last round and I'm really pumped about participating again! :)

- Infinitus infinitus2010, the 2010 HP convention registration is open and I am sorely tempted to register as I will do everything this time round to attend. I've missed too many US hp conventions and this one will take place in Florida alongside the opening of the HP theme park and it sounds amazing!! Anyone else planning to go yet?

- Also, I talked to my friend about wanting to shape up without having to pay a fortune to attend a gym and he suggested I try out workout videos! He passed me a bunch of them including the Pump It Up dance workout which the music video Call On Me is based off! It's hilarious, but it looks fun and if it does the job, then I'm happy :D

Here's a clip from it:

All the workouts last about an hour so if I try one out 3x a week, I'm guessing that should start making a difference... right? I'll keep you guys posted about how that goes :)

If anyone has tried video workouts before and has some good recommendations, I'm all ears!

- Oooh and lastly I put my pics from work in a filtered post so if anyone who was interested didn't get to see them, just ask.


HWY - chapter 15!!

It's been months since I've updated Here Without You and I'm actually proud that I haven't dropped this fic completely!

Title: Here Without You
Author: hathorx
Rating: M
Summary: Sequel! 3 years after defeating Voldemort, Hermione and Draco meet again. Hermione now has to cope in a world run by Malfoy Inc. Whereas Abigail and Ron have joined the Order, she battles the remaining Death Eaters in court. Dark fic, D/Hr, HP/OC

Chapter 15 is finally up, it's called "Slytherin"... and it's nearly 8,000 words!!

In other news, I went to London last weekend...

London and a bunch of trailers...Collapse )